Jonny Lee Miller Height Weight Body Measurements

Jonny Lee Miller - Height Weight Body FatJonny Lee Miller

Jonathan “Jonny” Lee Miller is an English film, television and theatre actor. He achieved early success for his portrayal of Simon Williamson in the black comedy drama film Trainspotting. Jonny is most well known staring in Sherlock Holmes in the CBS crime drama Elementary, for more on his biography check out his Wikipedia.

Jonny Lee Miller Age

Date of Birth – 15 November 1972

Jonny Lee Miller Height in cm


Jonny Lee Miller Height in Feet

5 feet 10 inches

Jonny Lee Miller Weight

80kgs, 176 pounds.

Jonny Lee Miller Body Fat Percentage


As we can see Jonny has a low body fat percentage. You can see his muscle definition quite clearly.

Jonny Lee Miller Weight

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