Josh Hutcherson Height Weight Body Measurements

Josh Hutcherson Height and WeightJosh Hutcherson

Joshua Ryan “Josh” Hutcherson is an American film and television actor. He began acting in the early 2000s, appearing in several minor film and television roles. He shot to real fame following his leading role in The Hunger Games. We have Josh Hutcherson height and weight here.

Josh Hutcherson Age

Date of Birth – 12 October 1992

Josh Hutcherson Height in cm


Josh Hutcherson Height in Feet

5 feet 5 inches

Josh Hutcherson Weight

70kgs, 154 pounds

Josh Hutcherson Body Fat Percentage

16% – Healthy Range

Here is josh on the beach with 5 foot 1 inch Vanessa Hudgens, as we can see he is not all that much taller than tiny Vanessa.

Josh Hutcherson beach

Here is a recent shot of Josh at the beach. Josh is on OK shape, he could use some weights training at the gym. We are not a fan of his weird anchor tattoo however.

Josh Hutcherson height and weight

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One thought on “Josh Hutcherson Height Weight Body Measurements

  • October 2, 2015 at 11:55 pm

    if you watch hunger games you would definitely seen this guy. he is handsome, amazing and has that good healthy body too. but i was expecting a bit of a height here. but really he is a HANDSOME guy! and i wish he is a bit tall


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