Vincent D’Onofrio Height, Weight and Body Measurements


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Vincent D’Onofrio Age

Date of Birth – 30 June 1959

Vincent D’Onofrio Height in cm

192 cm

Vincent D’Onofrio Height in Feet

6 feet 4 inches

Vincent D’Onofrio Weight

95 kgs, 209 pounds

Vincent D’Onofrio Body Fat Percentage



Vicent Philip D’Onofrio, usually know just as Vincent D’Onofrio, is as American actor best know for his role as Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, and on TV as Detective Robert Goren in Law and Order:Criminal Intent and The Kingpin on Daredevil.
He also participated in movies like Men in Black, The Cell, Adventures in Babysitting, Happy Accidents, The Judge and Jurassic World. He has gained and lost weight, enduring great body transformations, to perform some of the roles.


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