Ariel Winter Body Measurement, Height and Weight

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter looking stunning and super elegant in a salmon dress

Ariel Winter is an American actress best know for the character of “Alex Dunphy” on Modern Family (2009).

She also participated in ER (1994) as”Lucy Moore”, the daughter of Hedy Burress’s character, “Joanie”.Ariel also appeared in the thriller Duress, and other films like the Opposite Day (2009) and Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega (2010).

Ariel can also be seen in the supporting role of “Lila”, and in the DreamWorks comedy, A Thousand Words (2012), about a man who finds out he only has 1,000 words left to speak and then he’ll die.

Ariel is a beautiful and gorgeous young actress, with a fantastic body. You can check Ariel Winter body measures below:

Ariel Winter Age

Date of Birth – 28 January 1998

Ariel Winter Height in cm

155 cm

Ariel Winter Height in Feet

5 feet 1 inches

Ariel Winter Weight

56 kgs, 123 pounds

Ariel Winter Measurements

38-28-34 (Bust – Waist – Hips)

Ariel Winter Bra Size

34D (32F before)

Ariel Winter Body Fat Percentage


Some interesting facts about Ariel are that she loves to jump on her trampoline and to go out with friends, was homeschooled until age 14, that she is a natural blonde that dyes her hair dark brown, and she recently performed a breast reduction surgery. She reduced her breast size from an incredible 32F to a 34D.

Ariel Winter body in a small whit bikini in a sexy position

She is a voluptuous young lady with and amazing body. As you can see in the photo below, she looks great form all angles…

Ariel Winter in a blue and red bikini from behindBeautiful Ariel Winter in a white casual dress in the beach, showing her great legs
Sexy Ariel Winter in a white bikini showing her body from all anglesAriel Winter body photo, highlighting her legs and her red hair

… in a bikini, …

Ariel Winter full body photo on the beach wearing a small bikiniAriel Winter looking amazing in a white bikini posing for the photoAriel Winter in a bikini and Nolan Gould shirtless on the beachAriel Winter having a cocktail on the beach wearing a white bikiniAriel Winter smiling and having fun on the beach

… causal outfit, …

Ariel Winter in shorts and brown short with red hairAriel Winter in a cute pink dress, looking radiant and smiling

… or a in a dress.

Ariel Winter elegant body in a black suit highlighting her breastGreat looking Ariel Winter in a blue dress showing her cleavageAriel Winter looks stunning in a white dressAriel Winter is really elegant and beautiful in a black dress

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