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Ronnie Coleman Height and WeightRonnie Coleman

Ronnie Dean Coleman is an American professional bodybuilder who holds eight straight wins as Mr. Olympia, a record career total that he shares with Lee Haney. We have Ronnie Coleman Height and Weight here.

Ronnie Coleman Age

Date of Birth – 13 May 1964

Ronnie Coleman Height in cm


Ronnie Coleman Height in Feet

5 feet 10 inches

Ronnie Coleman Weight

135kgs, 297 pounds

Ronnie Coleman Body Fat Percentage

5% – Significantly under fat

Check out this shot of Ronnie Coleman off season. As we can see when he is not cut down before a compeition he maintains a much higher body fat. In this photo he is around 10% body fat. However, it takes him no time at all, given his insane diet to cut down the fat before a competition.

Ronnie Coleman height and weight

Here he is getting the body fat down, check out the veins as his body fat decreases.

Ronnie Coleman on a cut

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